Agenzia L'affare Capannoli

via pian di selva 6 - 56033 - Capannoli - Pisa
Telefon (inkl. int. Vorwahl): +39 349 4596015
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Fax: +39 0587 46447
Agenzia L'affare Capannoli

The name and the brand L'Affare were born in Capannoli, in the province of Pisa, in 1981 at the initiative of Pierluigi Bernardeschi.

In 1990 L'Affare became a company in the collective name and the work of the new partners who gradually joined the group was and still is valuable for the growth and the affirmation of the name and brand.

L'Affare agencies have over time been characterized by efficiency, fairness and professionalism and offer multiple services: buying and selling, rentals, exchanges, market research, estimates, evaluations, mortgage research and financing for every need of the customer.

The deal is a well-established brand throughout the province of Pisa, with an echo of the whole region.

The s.r.l. Today it is a real estate franchise with affiliates in the provinces of Pisa and Pistoia, however the operations of these are extended to the provinces of Lucca and Livorno.

In the agency of the group the business of Capannoli, you will find Real Estate Agents at your disposal to solve any kind of problem concerning real estate.

You will also find qualified personnel, prepared through permanent training courses and always up to date on the relevant regulations with qualification to the profession and then registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the appropriate registers.

In each agency of the group, the business will have access to a capillary network in the province of Pisa and neighboring provinces with a substantial and constantly updated property database.

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