Land, 4213 m²

Referenz: 9660

  • Preis: € 145.000
  • Zustand: Neu
  • Bewohnbare Fläche: 4213 m²
  • Emissionsklasse: NA
  • Energieeffizienzklasse: 0.00
  • Grundstück: 4213 m²
Entfernung von:
  • Flughäfen:
  • Verona VRN: 24 Km
  • Verona VBS: 42 Km
  • Milano BGY: 85 Km
  • Parma PMF: 95 Km
Subject of this sale is a building plot located in Caprino Veronese (VR) in Bran, via Circonvallazione Bran. The property is located in the industrial area at the entrance of the Municipality of Caprino, insists in zone D2 (Production with approved implementation tool and agreement) of the PRG of Caprino, whose implementation rules provide for a coverage ratio of 0.5. The asset falls within the homogeneous territory (ATO1) in the area planning plan (P.A.T.) approved by the Municipality with prot. n. 4,648 of 03/21/2016. The properties are made up not only of the land but also of the prefabricated building, since the bridge crane which explains the type of cadastral census of category D / 7 with relative income for tax and tax purposes is no longer present. It has a rectangular and regular geometric shape, arranged with an elongated shape in a north-east-south-west direction. The lot is fenced with a metal net with iron stakes and has two driveways, one on the north side and one on the south side. The lot inside has an asphalted road that connects the two driveways, while the uncovered remains appears uncultivated and / or with gravel. On the south side there is a prefabricated structure with a floor above ground, with a flat roof, which contains office and services compartments inside.Properties described in the appraisal attached as "Lot 8".Cadastral area: 4,213 square metersBuildable area: 2,100 m2Building volume 13.650 mcFull ownership of:Land (CT): Sheet 41 - Particles 807 - Urban entityBuilding (CF): Sheet 41 - Particles 807 - Cat. D / 7
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