Property At Lake Como

Via Borgovico - 22010 - Como - Como
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Property At Lake Como

Property At Lake Como, a trade name devised and developed by Marco Badalla, primarily focuses on and is specialized in real estate in the Lake Como area.

Property At Lake Como may count on teamwork with some of the leading real estate companies in the Como area, Lugano, London, New York and Moscow, as well as with professionals in the legal and financial fields.

What we offer is special attention to every customer, so that we may provide a better service to those who are seriously interested in making a dream come true, that of buying a house by Lake Como.

All negotiation is followed with the greatest reliability and confidentiality.

After purchase, the customer has the option of a full property management service offering a variety of personalized solutions.


Born in Lugano, Marco Badalla has lived in Como most of his life and has an excellent knowledge of the entire Lake Como area and particularly the lakeside villages, thanks to his personal and thorough real estate exploration.


In recent years Mr. Badalla has organized the successful purchase/sale of many prestigious properties, both apartments and villas, and his competence has been greatly appreciated by those people who have had dealings with him.


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