Buy in Sicily Real Estate
Buy in Sicily Real Estate
Buy in Sicily Real Estate

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Buy in Sicily Real Estate was born from the love for Our Land, it is an on-line real estate company specialized in the sale of properties in Sicily,  it became a meeting point for the landowners who wants to sell and the potential National and International buyers who look for their dream house in Sicily. 
To the network belongs a team of Sicilian Real Estate Agents with a perfect knowledge of the territory, specialized in selecting the best properties for sale in the all island, and making sure that all the documentation is good to start a secure purchase and sale. Our clients are followed in all the phases, from the search of the property, to the negotiation, to the notarial deed, also taking care of all the technical-legal and notarial forms.
Very important is the section PRESTIGE of our website, which it is so rich of Exclusive Properties located in the most enchanting places of Sicily, making it real all the requirements of our most demanding clients.  
Buy in Sicily - Real Estate is also on the FINANCIAL TIMES, on the most important National and International real estate  website, on the local magazines, on the prestigious magazines specialized on the advertisement of Italy abroad, on the purchase of second properties, and on the prestige property. In addition, it gives its participation to the most important National and International  meetings of the real estate field. 
Apex of our success are the National and International Real Estate Companies Networks, with which we have been working for years now for the advertisement of our properties, and also selected local companies. In addition, among our strong points we have got the photographic service of the property, the realization of a high-definition video which will permit us to let see the property to the potential buyers, easily at their homes and from everywhere in the world!

To our team belongs some professionals of the financial field, who, through several Credit Institutions, will be glad to give their knowledge, and let you obtain house loans at a subsidized rate.
Our renovation firm is specialized to estimate very particular renovations, very advantageous and competitive, taking care of all the works to release your property turnkey. 
Thanks to the visibility on the web and to the operative system, Buy in Sicily - Real estate is an ideal window to  give light to your property, to rise the chances to sell and to have a bigger buyers data bank.

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