Il Rinascimento Immobiliare
Il Rinascimento Immobiliare
Il Rinascimento Immobiliare

Viale Spartaco Lavagnini, 21
Firenze - Firenze

+39 339 7411486

Rinascimento Immobiliare is a coworking of agents acting in synergy, a project born in Florence to provide real estate agents with all the best tools, the highest training and the strongest support in carrying out their task, that of being the most important core of the real estate sector. Having more skilled agents, with greater resources, motivated and happy for us means having more satisfied clients, improved services and longer lasting relationships.

With our 60+ specialized agents and 6 locations in different areas of the city and surrounding municipalities, we have a large portfolio of properties and clients available for those who are looking for their dream home or want to sell theirs at the best conditions.

Since its inception in 2013, the Rinascimento team has received numerous awards for production and growth, along with the most important ones from its clients.

A coworking of agents in synergy
Rinascimento agents are prepared to follow the client in all his needs and conclude every negotiation in the best possible way, also thanks to the advanced support of our structure.

Thanks to an innovative approach, a dense network of relationships in the territory and continuous updating from the best trainers in the real estate sector, they are among the most effective in finding the right buyer and the right property, making the dreams of the people who choose us come true.

Selling or buyinga house is a very important and delicate step, that should not be entrusted to the first one who happens, but entrusting a real estate agent must then be an investment that produces real and tangible benefits, also economic for the client. The Renaissance agent is aware of this. Therefore, Rinascimento agents, in addition to an important and intense training and having the best tools available, sign a code of ethics and conduct, are aware and convinced that the best way to collaborate with their clients is through a relationship based on ethics, trust and honesty.

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