Buying Italian Property: The 3 Most Frequently Asked Legal Questions – The Attorney Answers

We’ve recently interviewed Manlio Gervasi, attorney at c_legal, a boutique law firm specialized in real estate and administrative law, to answer some of the most frequently asked legal questions about buying property in Italy as a non-Italian. We’re sure you’ll find very helpful information. Can foreigners buy property in Italy? “EU citizens can buy real estate property in… Read More »

The New Behind the Scenes

Covid-19 didn’t stop innovation. Our team has continued to work on the new portal for months, also during the lockdown period from March 9, 2020, to June 28. And it was exactly during that time the new website was finished. Who created the new Luca Castorani and Enrico Tamburrini are our UI/UX Designers and they mainly… Read More »

Q&A: Travelling to Italy in the Time of Covid-19

[Article last updated on June 12, 2020] Italy’s lockdown eases little by little and June 3rd , 2020, has marked an important step forward. Now people can move with no restrictions from one Italian region to another, but also its national borders are now open to some tourists. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about… Read More »

Italy’s Lockdown Eases: What You Can Do Now

Some of us are so happy that things are finally starting again in Italy, others are cautiously optimistic about the situation with Covid 19, but we all hope for the best. We hope to continue hearing only good news from the coronavirus front. After more than two months of severe nationwide lockdown, the government is beginning to relax… Read More »